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Supercast: A Powerful Patreon Alternative Built for Podcasters

‍Supercast is the purpose-built podcast monetization toolkit for podcasters who want to grow healthy, diversified revenue.

April 15, 2021
Mikel Ellcessor

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

That’s what paid membership for podcasters looked like when all we had was Patreon. One tool, one size, make it work as best as you can. 

But now, in 2021, you have a choice. 

Patreon is built for many different types of creators. You don’t have to compromise on your podcast monetization anymore.

Supercast is the purpose-built podcast monetization toolkit for podcasters who want to grow healthy, diversified revenue by getting closer to their most loyal fans. We’re fixing a lot of the issues that were baked into Patreon’s one-size-fits-all solution and we’re here to show you why Supercast is the superior platform for podcasts.

Here are key areas where Supercast is better than Patreon

User Experience & the Sign-up Path

Patreon takes 10 clicks to facilitate a user sign-up.

Supercast gets your member back into their preferred podcast player in just four steps. 

Just think about what that’s going to do for your sign-up completion rate...


The cliche in the creator economy support ecosystem is “we only make money when our creators make money.” At Supercast, we think you should keep as much of that money as possible. 

Patreon takes 5-12% of your monthly revenue PLUS processing fees PLUS payout fees PLUS conversion fees. 

Supercast is $0.59 USD per connected user/ month plus your Stripe fees and you have immediate access to your money through your Stripe account.

Bottom line: Supercast is better for your bottom line.

Brand Supremacy 

Don’t build your castle on someone else’s land!

That’s what you’re doing when you subsume your brand to Patreon. It’s your blood, sweat and tears that have gone into building your podcast. You should hold the top-of-mind position with your listeners (notice how everyone calls it “their Patreon?”)

Take another look at the user experience video we posted above. Supercast is invisible because we believe the creator-listener relationship is paramount.

Supercast allows you to keep the call to action where it belongs - on becoming a paid member of your podcast, not forcing people to flow through a separate entity like Patreon.

Need more proof? Here are more ways Supercast compares to Patreon.

Chart Comparing Supercast to Patreon

So why switch to Supercast from Patreon?

Your podcast is a passion and you want it to reach a significant audience so you can build a real business. 

Supercast’s toolkit is the shortest path from creator to community convener to financially successful podcaster. Remember, you don’t need the biggest audience to have a meaningful paid membership program, you need an engaged audience. Supercast offers you the best tools to leverage your audience engagement.

You can convert more people

Headshot of Canadaland's Jesse Brown
Canadaland's Jesse Brown

Don’t take our word for it. Canadaland’s Jesse Brown on his experience with Supercast:

After 7 years on another platform and 1 year on Supercast, the results are clear - we're growing 3x faster with Supercast.

Check out the full Canadaland case study and then think about the new features you’ll be able to create for your listeners with the additional revenue.

You’ll pay a flat fee.

Supercast’s flat subscriber cost puts more money in your pocket than Patreon’s sliding percentages and multiple fee layers.

Superior analytics 

Your listener data allows you to get closer to your audience. Supercasts’ superior analytics allow you to track your churn, MRR, and get user-level engagement insights, allowing you to create content and features that are going to deepen that vital listener relationship.

Multi-Show & Network Bundles

Supercast is designed to help you grow. Patreon limits you to a single feed. 

Got your eyes set on being the next Wondery? Supercast supports your ambition and can easily handle show bundle subscriptions and network accounts.

By offering bundles on Supercast, we've been able to increase our average revenue per new user by 20% - Jesse Brown

Need more proof? 

Canadaland’s Jesse Brown has seen tremendous results, which have helped fuel his mission to be one of Canada’s top news outlets.

"Supercast have been true partners, rapidly addressing our issues and building new features to our needs and wants. There are other subscription options out there, but this is the one for podcasters." - Jesse Brown

Chat with us!

A better listener experience, a company that is solely focused on serving podcasters, a toolkit that puts your brand first and better net revenue - you can see why Supercast is the better choice for professional podcasters.

Sign up here or email us at hello@supercast.com to chat with a monetization expert.

Mikel Ellcessor

An independent producer who launched On The Media as a podcast in 2005 and doesn’t feel old about it all, but thanks for asking.

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