The super easy way to earn 20% referral rewards

Supercast Referral Rewards

1. Send podcasters our way.

2. When they make money with Supercast, you make money too!

It’s really that easy.

You’ll earn 20% of all recurring Supercast revenue from the podcasters you refer. Plus the person you refer gets $25 in Supercast credit.

How to refer people to the Supercast Referral Rewards program

If you have a Supercast account:

  • Click Refer a Podcaster from your Supercast dashboard.

  • Copy your referral link.

  • Share the link out in the world.

  • Track your results on your referral dashboard. 

If you don’t have a Supercast account:
Send the name of your referral and their podcast to

Full terms and conditions.

Supercast Referral Rewards