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Everything you need to launch
an audio subscription program.

$ 0.59 / mo per subscriber

+ Stripe fees

Stripe charges a Transaction fee (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) and a Billing fee (0.5% per recurring payment).

Fees are in USD and deducted automatically from your subscriber payments.

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Full feature access:

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Hosting of all premium content

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Dedicated subscriber landing page

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Use your own Stripe account

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2-tap subscription for listeners

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Auto-sync public episodes from your podcast host into Supercast

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AMA (Ask Me Anything) platform

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Built-in emailing features

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Support for YouTube video feeds

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Unlimited number of subscriber plans

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Multiple subscription plan types (monthly, annual, lifetime, etc)

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Free trials and limited time promotions

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Fully customizable plan pricing

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Subscriber analytics & reporting dashboards

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Feed security and alerting

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3rd-party integrations


Designed for networks and podcasters with large audiences.

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Everything in All-in, plus:

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Multi-show support

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Multi-show bundle subscriptions

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Integration with your website or  membership system

Supercast Pricing FAQs

How does Supercast charge me?

For customers on our All-In plan, Supercast fees are automatically deducted as each subscriber payment is processed through Stripe.

How much are the payment processing fees?

Supercast uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe charges a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 (for USD transactions) on each successful payment, as well as a billing fee of 0.5% for recurring subscription payments.

Who owns my subscribers?

You do! When you open a Supercast account, the first thing you’ll be asked is to connect your own Stripe account. Because all your subscriber billing information is contained in your Stripe account, you can take that information with you at any time.

Can I charge listeners a one-time fee instead of a monthly subscription?

Yes. Supercast fees for one-time payments are 15% up to a maximum of $1.50 per payment, plus Stripe processing fees.