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“After 7 years on another platform and 1 year on Supercast, the results are clear - we're growing 3x faster with Supercast.”

"Supercast has transformed the profit potential of my podcast, giving me a new membership revenue stream in addition to advertising.”

"Supercast made it easy to deliver exclusive podcast content to our fast-growing community of paying members, and scale subscription revenue."

"Supercast has allowed us to quickly and seamlessly add premium content to our network all while keeping our fans engaged on our site. That's a game changer."

"Supercast powers the FoundMyFitness members-only podcast. It made it simple to share private podcasts with our premium subscribers, and track engagement across our member community."

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Jesse Brown

Founder of the Canadaland podcast network

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Shane Parrish

Host of The Knowledge Project podcast

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Peter Attia

Host of The Drive podcast

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Kevin Jones

Founder & CEO of sports podcast network Blue Wire

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Rhonda Patrick

Host of the FoundMyFitness podcast

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Your premium content.
In their favorite podcast player.

1. Set up in minutes

Customize your landing page and upload premium episodes. We can also sync content from an existing RSS feed.

2. Share it with your listeners

Launch your new membership with a show read, a link in your show notes and an email. You can even embed your plans on your own website.

3. Watch your membership grow

Your listeners pay in seconds, and add your private feed to their favorite podcast player in two taps.

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Subscription + Ads = 2x revenue

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It's better for your business

Get paid by listeners every month and double your revenue compared with ads alone.

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It's better for your listeners

Between 2–7% of your listeners would pay you for more content and insider access.

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It's better for your podcast

Deeper engagement with your top fans makes your whole podcast even better.

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How you can use Supercast:

Share exclusive podcast content with members

Deliver subscription podcasts to your paying members, including:

Bonus episodes

AMAs and Q&As

Special guests


Extended interviews

Offer paying subscribers an ad-free feed

Share ad-free versions of your podcast episodes with paying members via a premium feed.

Reward premium members with early-access

Release new episodes to paying members first, before releasing them to the public on your regular podcast feed.

Integrate with your existing membership community

Add a private, members-only podcast feed to your existing community benefits or membership program.

Sell access to your podcast's back catalogue

Got a large archive of old episodes? Move some them to your premium podcast feed to give paying members exclusive access to your episode archive.

Deliver courses and professional development

Securely share internal communications and professional development content such as training courses with your organization.

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Our investors and advisors

We built Supercast with the help of some of the world’s most established podcasters, and experts in podcast growth and product development.

Andrew Wilkinson


Shane Parrish

The Knowledge Project

Peter Attia

The Drive

Rhonda Patrick


Jason Fried


We're Tiny, along with other podcasting companies like Castro, RideHome and DoubleUp.

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