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Know what your subscribers listen to most, what they don't like, and why they cancel

Business Metrics

Audience Analytics

Bust Feed Fraud

Network + Multi-show

Real Business Metrics

Supercast helps you project your subscription business's growth by tracking metrics like total and recurring revenue, average revenue per user, lifetime value, and churn.

In-Depth Audience Analytics

Supercast gives you rich analytics on your paying subscribers: See who’s listening to what, which episodes are most popular, and more. Tag your episodes to learn which seasons, topics, guests, etc, drive subscriptions and keep listeners sticking around.

Save Money by Busting Feed Fraud

Never worry about feed piracy or sharing: Usage alerts notify you if a member shares their private feed, so you can warn offenders, and suspend abused feeds.

Support for Networks and Multiple Podcasts

Supercast's Network dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple private podcasts. Aggregated analytics give you quick, top-down visibility into how shows are performing relative to one another.

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Powerful integrations

Easily integrate Supercast with your existing website, member management and email marketing setup.

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Why Supercast?

Unlike other membership and community platforms, Supercast was built for podcasters like you, and puts your relationship with your fans first: They don’t need to sign up for accounts on a third-party platform, or download new apps to access and enjoy your content.

Supercast VS Competitors





Deliver exclusive podcast content via private RSS feeds

Branded landing page for members to sign up

Fast, easy payment with Apple + Google Pay

Simple signup and two-tap onboarding for listeners

Private podcast feed hosting

Robust feed security to prevent unlicensed sharing

In-depth audience and content analytics

Per-user podcast engagement analytics

Real analytics on your podcast business (LTV, Churn, etc)

Full support for multiple podcasts + aggregated analytics

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