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Easy payment & Sign Up

A few clicks is all it takes for listeners to pay and subscribe to your premium content


An easy way for listeners to pay…

Listeners get a superfast checkout on your custom branded Supercast landing page.


...and listen using their favorite podcast player

No special apps to download or copying & pasting of RSS feeds.

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Know what your subscribers listen to most, what they don’t like, and why they cancel.

Audience Analytics

Enjoy rich analytics on your paying subscribers: See who’s listening to what, which episodes are most popular and more.

Tag espisodes to learn which seasons, topics, and guests drive subscriptions and listener engagement.

Business Metrics

Get revenue reports on key subscription business metrics including total and recurring revenue, average revenue per user (ARPU), lifetime value (LTV), churn, and more.

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A powerful dashboard for podcast networks and creators with multiple shows.

Multi-show accounts

Manage multiple podcasts in a single dashboard and view unified analytics across your network.

Bundle plans

Easily bundle multiple shows together to sell a subscription bundle to your listeners.

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Ask Me Anything

The simplest way to run and manage AMA podcasts with your audience.

Let your audience ask you... Anything

Send subscribers to your AMA page to submit their questions for consideration in your next AMA episode.

Listeners upvote their favourite questions

Members can browse all questions and upvote their favourites.

Notifications and searchable answers

Members can play your answer straight from the relevant timecode, and easily search across anything previously answered.

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Private RSS Feed security

Bust feed fraud with Supercast's intelligent piracy monitoring and abuse alerts.

Never worry about feed piracy or sharing: Usage alerts notify you if a member shares their private feed, so you can warn offenders and suspend abused feeds.

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Easily integrate Supercast with your existing website, member management and email marketing setup.

Find out about our integration options