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Podcasting has been evolving rapidly since it first emerged almost 20 years ago: new formats, new tech, new ways to make money.

Subscription is a relative newcomer to the podcasting scene but it’s taking off fast.

There’s a massive and growing appetite for paid audio content that podcasters all over the world are eager to satisfy.

Trouble is, building a paid subscription program around a podcast can be painfully difficult: Cumbersome and complicated signup processes for listeners. Limits on who can subscribe and what podcast player they can use. Huge revenue swipes (30%, Apple—really?). No access to subscriber data.

It’s enough to make any serious podcaster want to throw up their hands and quit.
We knew things needed to change. So we set out to make an audio subscription platform that’s simple yet powerful for everyone.

Podcasters can quickly build and price their subscription program exactly how they want, while keeping full control of their content and audience data.

Listeners can subscribe to premium content in the podcast player of their choice with just 2 taps.

Today, more than 100 podcasters use Supercast to power sustainable recurring revenue. That steady income stream allows them to focus on their craft, reinvest in their show, and do their best work—creating a truly healthy ecosystem for creators.

Supercast: It’s audio subscription the way it should be.

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Supercast investors and advisors

We built our podcast subscription platform with the help of some of the world’s most established podcasters, podcast growth leaders, and product development experts.

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Andrew Wilkinson

Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish

The Knowledge Project
Peter Attia

Peter Attia

The Drive
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Rhonda Patrick

Jason Fried

Jason Fried


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