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In early 2019, Sam Harris of Making Sense was looking for a way to earn money from his massively popular podcast that didn’t involve taking on ads

Sam approached Andrew Wilkinson at Tiny about building him a custom podcast subscription platform. Andrew assembled a team to create the technology as a special project.

After Sam’s subscription launch, the team watched the numbers roll in.

They were blown away that a podcast could generate five or six figures per month, into the millions of dollars of annual recurring revenue, with metrics that looked very much like a software business.

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Wondering if Sam’s success was unique to his show or whether it could be replicated, the  team recruited a couple more podcasters to run the experiment again. Peter Attia and Rhonda Patrick, both popular health podcasters, also saw phenomenal results from a subscription launch.

That’s when the team knew they were onto something.

Co-founders Andrew Wilkinson, Jason Sew Hoy, and Aidan Hornsby spun their podcast subscription technology into a new company called Supercast, and a new mission to help podcasters of every shape and size generate recurring revenue from their audience.

“Podcasters are sitting on a goldmine and most of them don't even know it.” 
- Jason Sew Hoy, CEO
Supercast CEO Jason Sew Hoy speaking at Podcast Movement Evolutions

Once a podcaster has built an audience and is looking to monetize, most of them turn to ads.  
Sponsorship is great for laying a foundation of podcast revenue, but can be hard to build and maintain. The typical ad pricing model of CPM (cost per thousand) pays literally cents for every listen.

Subscription, on the other hand, leverages Kevin Kelly's concept of a thousand true fans.

In every audience, there’s a percentage of true fans who will quite happily pay a monthly fee to support the creator and access premium perks that allow them to have an even deeper connection with the host.

Since its launch in 2019, Supercast has welcomed thousands of podcasters to the platform.  
Our top 10 creators now gross more than $12 million in annual subscription revenue alone. Many small and mid-sized podcasters are also using the platform to earn reliable, recurring revenue from their audience.

With the market for podcast subscription continuing to surge, the future looks bright for audio creators everywhere. And we can’t wait to help them shine.

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Supercast investors and advisors

We built our podcast subscription platform with the help of some of the world’s most established podcasters, podcast growth leaders, and product development experts.

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Shane Parrish

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