Announcing Our New Investors and New CEO

Feb 23, 2020
Jason Sew Hoy

We're thrilled to announce a $2M seed round and welcome Jason Sew Hoy as our CEO.

With Supercast, we’ve discovered a business model that gives podcasters a sustainable way to make money, directly from their listeners. It works whether you’ve got 1,000 listeners or 20M; listeners can subscribe in their podcast player of choice (no need to install a special app); and the best part is that you’re giving your fans what they actually want — more content from you.

Prolific podcasters like Peter Attia (The Drive podcast) and Rhonda Patrick (FoundMyFitness podcast) got so excited as early customers that they joined Shane Parrish (The Knowledge Project podcast) as our first investors, along with Tiny who bootstrapped our initial development as part of their ongoing investment in podcasting.

After our beta launch, investment interest came flooding in, so today we’re excited to announce $2M in seed funding from leading investors including Table Management, Form Capital, Christian Reber (Founder of Wunderlist and Pitch), Des Traynor (Co-founder of Intercom) and Steli Efti (Founder of Close and Co-host of The Startup Chat podcast).

We're also super grateful that Jason Fried (Co-founder of Basecamp and the Rework podcast) and Eric Siu (Co-host of the Marketing School and Growth Everywhere podcasts) are joining us as advisors.

Last but not least, we're thrilled to welcome Jason Sew Hoy as CEO and Co-founder of Supercast. Jason joins us from 99designs, where as COO and Chief Growth Officer, he guided the company from small startup to a global team of over 120. Jason has over a decade of experience in helping creators to monetize their passion and he hit the ground running with a keynote at Podcast Evolutions in LA, as covered by Forbes.

What comes next?

Now exiting our beta, Supercast has already helped drive over seven-figures of revenue to its customers and doubled the number of subscribers served compared to 4 months ago.

We’ll be using our investment to hire a remote team and develop additional platform features like our recently added support for multi-show networks, where admins can manage content, subscribers and analytics for multiple shows under one account.

Screenshot of Supercast's new multi-show network feature
Supercast's new multi-show network feature

If you're passionate about podcasting and want to come build the future with us, check out our open roles.

If you're a podcaster interested in earning recurring revenue from your audience, but not sure where to start, please reach out.

Finally, a big thank you to all the customers who've trusted us to take care of your biggest fans. Our mission is to help you (and many more podcasters) build a thriving, sustainable business from your passion.

Questions, requests or feedback?

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