And the Paid to Podcast Competition Winners Are...

Feb 25, 2021
Jason Sew Hoy

Meet the 4 podcasters who built significant paid memberships in just months with Supercast.

After announcing our Paid to Podcast Competition in June last year, a flood of podcasters signed up to embrace the challenge of growing a paid membership for their podcast.

From the day these podcasters signed up, it was clear that attracting paid members became a key focus. What started as reading our Membership Guide and listening to Supercasters episodes, quickly evolved into these podcasters launching their own memberships and making a final promotional push to maximize subscriptions before the December 31 deadline.

Now with the competition officially closed, we have four incredible winners!

Drum roll please...

Our Grand Prize Winner is...DGMG

Run by the super-savvy marketer, Dave Gerhardt, DGMG is a show about B2B Marketing. Because in Dave’s words...“no one goes to school for B2B Marketing.” Dave has built an impressive paid membership based on providing valuable B2B marketing insights to thousands of marketers eager to up their game.

Dave Gerhardt of the podcast "DGMG"
Dave's priceless reaction when we told him the news via Zoom.

Our three Runner-Ups...

Mob Talk Radio

Hosted by Jeff Canarsie, Mob Talk Radio is the place to go for the most accurate, current, and historical content covering all aspects of Organized Crime.

Digging Deeper

Hosted by Carey Green, Digging Deeper offers a fantastic combination of content, including Carey’s sermons and front-burner episodes on modern-day topics close to Carey’s heart.

Occult Science for Artists or a new Mythology

Created by Zvi Szir, this premium podcast grants you incredible access to an entire live lecture series from the Art School, neueKUNSTschule, in Basel, Switzerland.

To our four winners, congratulations again on your amazing achievements in such a short space of time. It’s remarkable how four different shows with such divergent audiences, content and approaches, can all have success with paid memberships.

It just goes to show that whether you’re speaking to marketers, crime aficionados, a faith community, or artists, a powerful vision for your work and passionate fans are all you need to build a thriving membership.

Thank you

To our partners and mentors, thank you for your prizes and for sharing your expertise on the Supercasters podcast. Your generosity has not gone unnoticed!

And to all the participants, thank you for taking the first step. The best prize is of course a thriving podcast business. Wherever you are on your journey to independence, we look forward to helping you with continued growth on Supercast.

— Your friends at Supercast