Full prize breakdown, entry criteria and Q&A

The following is a list of common questions from competition participants. We’ve included these abbreviated answers for convenience only and official wording is found in the Paid to Podcast Competition Rules.

How will the winners be determined?

The Grand Prize Winner is the eligible entrant who achieves the highest Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) through their Supercast podcast account in the two (2) full calendar months during the Competition Period in which the entrant’s MRR was highest. The 3 entrants with the next three (3) highest MRRs will be the “Runner-Up Prize Winners”. You can only win one prize per entrant.

What’s the definition of Monthly Recurring Revenue?

The Monthly Recurring Revenue is determined by the sum of all subscription sales transacted on Supercast.com during the competition period, less any discounts, chargebacks or refunds. MRR includes monthly recurring payments and 1/12th of annually recurring payments, but does not include one-time payments. 

Sales must be for the individual podcast, and bundle sales will not count. Only the first $100 of a monthly recurring payment or the first $1200 of an annually recurring payment will count.

What’s included in the Grand Prize package?

Grand Prize (1): Valued at USD $101,352.
○   $40,000         Cash
○   $5,000           Trip & Accommodations for Lunch in San Diego w/ Pat Flynn
○   $15,000         Brand development via Limina House (via package, 1:1 w/ CEO)
○   $12,000         Marketing help via Jam Street Media (12 x hourly consults/year)
○   $10,000         Growth Discovery Package via DoubleUp (2-4 weeks)
○   $2,400           Lifetime Headliner Pro (20 years) to promote podcast via video
○   $10,000         Supercast credits
○   $1,188       Captivate podcast hosting - ‘Podcast brand’ plan for 1 year
○   $1,000           Private call with Shane Parrish
○   $999             AMP’d Up Podcasting Course with Pat Flynn
○   $799             Powered Up Podcasting Course with Pat Flynn
○   $900             1-year Descript Team Subscription
○   $750             30-day Discover Promotion of your podcast via Castro
○   $820             Pro Pass to Podcast Movement 2021
○   $400             Private 90-minute webinar w/ Pat Flynn’s team (2 x spots)
○   $96               Fusebox Pro account for 1 year
○   N/A               Featured story in Podcast Movement Daily

What’s included in the 3 Runner-Up Prize packages?

Runner-Up Prizes (3): Valued at $5,678 each.
○   $3,000     Cash
○   $1,000         Marketing help via Jam Street Media (12 x hourly consults/year)
○   $588           Captivate podcast hosting - ‘Audio influencer’ plan for 1 year
○   $545           Standard Pass to Podcast Movement 2021
○   $225           3-month Descript Team Subscription
○   $120           Headliner Pro for 1 year to promote podcast via video
○   $200           Private 90-minute webinar w/ Pat Flynn’s team

Who can participate?

Eligible entrants are those who create a new Supercast podcast during the registration period (June 30th 2020 to October 31st 2020). The entrant’s Supercast account for that specific podcast must not have had any sales on Supercast or brand recognition prior to June 30th 2020.

Who is not eligible to participate?

Certain states or territories (like Quebec, Canada) have restrictions, filing or registration requirements for competitions and people from these regions are not eligible for this competition. People from US embargoed countries are also not eligible to participate.

I’m outside the US. Can I still participate?

Most likely. Only people in countries or territories with restrictions on competitions, like filing or registration requirements, or people in US embargoed countries, are not eligible to participate.

I created my Supercast account a month ago, can I enter?

Yes, you can enter any Supercast podcast that did not have any sales on Supercast or brand recognition prior to June 30th 2020.

I am an existing Supercast customer, can I enter?

Yes. Please contact us at support@supercast.com to add a new podcast to your account.

Where I can find more info on how to build a paid membership?

We’ve put together a very comprehensive guide to paid podcast memberships. You can also access our Help Center for commonly asked questions, chat with us by clicking on the chat bubble at the lower right of your screen, or email us at support@supercast.com. We’re here to help!

Do one-off purchases count?

No, only recurring revenue counts towards your MRR for the competition.

Can I sell memberships on my own website, rather than on Supercast?

Yes, but these sales will not count towards your MRR for the competition. Supercast supports custom integrations for customers that would like to use their own website to sell and manage subscriptions, with Supercast powering the private podcast feeds. Unfortunately, podcasts on our custom plan are not eligible for the competition as we need to process subscription payments on Supercast in order to accurately determine your Monthly Recurring Revenue.

Why are you doing this?

We’ve seen first-hand how powerful the premium membership model is in helping podcasters build incredible, sustainable businesses around their passion — all while retaining full independence and control over their relationship with their audience.

It’s never been more important to diversify your revenue streams (especially for those dependent on ad revenue), but many podcasters still aren’t aware of the potential of subscription podcasting. So we’re launching this competition — with world-class mentors and resources — to educate podcasters everywhere about the profit potential of subscription podcasting.

How do I get considered for investment from Tiny?

You don’t need to do anything beyond entering the competition. Tiny loves wonderful, sustainable businesses that can make a lasting impact, like Canadaland and Ride Home Media. Creating a paid membership for your podcast will go a long way towards this.

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